Full Uniform is compulsory 2 weeks after registration.

The cost of a uniform is $.

Uniforms can only be purchased at the track, preferably on registration days, and not on club nights.

We are holding 2 Registration days, ( go to our Registration page  for details) there will be an EFTPOS machine available on these days. Please ensure you have purchased your uniforms prior to our first club night.   

Full uniform must to be worn on competition nights. Athletes not in their uniform will not be able to obtain points for their performances.

Centre Uniform is compulsory at all Association sanctioned carnivals and Centre level competition. The Centre uniform may be any combination of the following:

  • Centre singlet top, Centre t-shirt, Centre crop top, Centre shorts, and Centre bike shorts.
  • Little Athletics Registration Number, Age Patch & Coles patch.

These items must be attached to the front of all Centre uniforms before an athlete competes.

The sponsor’s name and red line surrounding numbers on the registration and age patch must be visible and are not to be cut off.

Registration numbers must be clearly displayed on the front of the uniform T-shirt, singlet top, one piece or two piece uniform, so it is visible at all times when competing.

The age patch is to be worn on the upper left-hand side of the competitor’s T-shirt or on the left-hand side of the bike shorts.

Athletes not competing in full uniform will receive no points, nor will they be awarded any Centre records that they may have broken.

Skins Skins and other brand above the knee pants can be worn (irrespective of stitching etc) but only as an undergarment under shorts or pants for both girls and boys.

2022-2023 Prices:

Crop tops :     $

Lycra Shorts: $

Singlets:         $

T shirts:          $

Shorts:           $

Jackets:         $45


Please see below for Bib number & Patch placement